Dolunays Tattoo Design

The following are my thoughts and ideas for the tattooing of Dolunays (Danae Uggla) body. I wish for it to be a mixing her 'Devotion' tattoo which she has worn previously, with roses, vines, a thorn wreaths and a few other symbols mixed into this tattoo as it moves from her breast over her shoulder down her back across her lower back wrapping around her waist and encircling a brand on her upper left thigh.

Following describes each section of the tattoo and what is desired in hopes of conveying them to the Artist.

The tattoo should start on the inner side of the right breasts so that it is visible with almost any V neck outfit she may wear. I would like it to start with a blue rose at the end of a long vine that crawls up over the shoulder and down the back. As shown in the first slide.


The second Rose is to be on the right shoulder blade and in a dark pink coloring. The vine drops down towards the lower back towards the third rose. at this point I wish to talk about the location of the 'Devotion' Tattoo and how to incorporate it into the overall artwork.


The location of this tattoo I do not wish to hace changed from between the shoulder blades. I'm interested in seeing it encircled by a wreath of thorny vines, I however I would like the overall desire for the tattoo is simple elegance. I do not wish it to be too busy if possible nor to distract from the natural beauty of my Dolunay skin.


The exact examples do not need to be used, they are examples of my desire for what could be used in the overall design. I leave it to the artist to come up with a final design. Continuing down the entwined vines the third Rose is to be Yellow on the right side of her lower back then the vines draw across towards the left where it is to hold up a chain with a broken link. I'd like it to be worked into the vine but also have a light metalic color.


The vines will continue around the waist but just over the hip following the curve of the body moving towards the belly button then moving downwards and dividing into two branches beneath the belt line one moving down and towards her heat then curving back and encircling her thigh brand with another wreath. the second branch curves towards the left side and the fourth flower a white rosebud peaks up out from the belt line


The following are the general ideas for color for the roses and look for the rosebuds

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