RLV Setup


I'm Dolunay and I've had a lot of questions about setting up RLV to share with their Dominates. I don't mind answering questions in world but it does take away a lot of time from my Master and the chain. So with the help of my Master and my chain we have created this page to help out. I know I was totally confused with how to set up and sharing folder for RLV and drove tons of people completely batty with all my questions because the sites I went to were insanely confusing to me.

A note before we start, it was brought to my attention that I need to let you know that, one is I am using Open Collar and the second is my settings in my inventory. I put in a screen shot of my inventory settings for you to see and this way your #RLV folder will be under your Trash Can Icon in your inventory.

Settings note 1:


Step one: You need to create a folder for RLV by right click on you inventory folder and selecting New Folder and naming that #RLV
Example 1:


Example 2:


Okay, lets do the easy stuff first. SL clothing by itself is easy to and doesn't take much. You just have to remember to keep conflicting layers separate from each other. Say like two pants layers, all you need to is create a different folder for each kind of pants layer you have.

Example 3:


Example 4:


Now for the hard stuff PRIMS!!! O.o okay first let us start with the modify permission prims if the RLV is off on your collar RLV will normally rename it with a position if you wear while in the RLV viewer. Now sometimes that doesn't work so you'll have to manually rename with the attachment points in "( "point of attachment" )" as in my examples.

Example 5:


Don't forget to add in the "/" in front of the folders like I have it or you'll more then likely have a conflict in your RLV

The no mod prims, these are a bit tricky but this is how they are done. First make a folder like in steps three and four but wait to label the folder with no mod prim in it. Now with your RLV off, wearing your collar and in RLV viewer try to wear the prim. RLV should have named the folder, if not you'll have to name it yourself manually. Do Note you need to watch for prims that has words in it like TOP, BOTTOM or anything that can be confused with a HUD attachment point. RLV will automatically will attach it to your screen on those that you can't rename you need to use your attachment option and the then move it into position on your avie. Then if RLV didn't rename the folder then you'll have to do that as well.

Example 6:


Example 7:


Example 8:

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